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Why Maine?

Maine is a destination wedding hotspot. Many people don’t know this but a lot of the couples coming to Maine for their wedding, aren’t even from here! It’s the pristine landscapes that draw them in. The beautiful beaches, the mountains, the pine trees, the ski lifts in the off season, the many rivers and lakes…these are just some of the many reasons people come to Maine for the one of a kind wedding! Let’s also mention the food! You can often see a lobster bake at a traditional Maine wedding. Last year, I had 3 or 4 weddings with lobster, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and more–it’s the Maine way to eat. Another reason couples love Maine are for it's amazing sunsets–there's nothing quite like the sun setting in coastal Maine at the end of a summer wedding.

Just take a look at my videos under the weddings tab to see all kinds of Maine weddings and see some of my landscape photos below to see just why, Maine is the place to be wed!

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