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A trip to the Florida Keys before the start of wedding videography season!

Last month, my girlfriend and I took off from Maine on a week long trip to the Florida Keys. We started in Key Largo and made out way all the way down to Key West where we witnessed one of the most amazing sunsets! We decided to go then because as wedding videography season approaches, we both know they'll be very little time for an adventure!

We went kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, sunset chasing, and more! There were very few moments that I didn't have a camera in my hand, but I still was able to enjoy the little moments, from relaxing in a hammock on the beach to sipping a drink at the tiki bar.

It never sounded appealing to me, but turns out Key Lime pie is amazing and is a BIG thing in the keys. We had a fair share of it while on vacation and can't wait to find it around here–though I don't know how Maine could compare!

Though we enjoyed ourselves while there, it is good to be back and I'm excited for the coming season. With so many weddings booked, I'm looking forward to capturing every one of my couple's adventures.

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