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Snowbird - Puerto Rico 2020 Edit

Tired of watching wedding videos on my blog? No worries! I have a new surf edit dropping today on all social media. Not into surfing? That's okay! It'll still make you be dreaming of tropical beaches and warmer days :)

During my off season, I left Maine for the warm waters of Puerto Rico. I stayed down there for a month surfing, relaxing, but mostly shooting. It's never the off season for my camera!

I know things are uncertain right now for a lot of people. Some are considering postponing their wedding dates, but nobody is cancelling their wedding, which is great! This definitely helps out your vendors and keeps things looking positive for everyone!

I left Rincon about 2 days before they put the beaches on lockdown due to coronavirus spread in the area. They banned surfing and are handing out $5,000 fines with the potential for up to 6 months in jail.

I definitely got out and home just in time before things started getting worse. This video should help you remember the times before, and be hopeful for when the beaches open up again and surfing won’t be a crime or, if you don't surf, be hopeful for when we can get out and eat at restaurants again!

Enjoy some great surfing of Hector Santamaria, Raul Hernandez, Gabriel Canals, Raymond King, Victor Bodrie, Ben Graby, Dane Reynolds, Craig Anderson, & Andrew Doheny.

Shot by myself and Jorge "Tutito" Benitez.

Right now things are tough, but we will get through this and wedding season will start up soon! Even if it is a little later than expected. I can't wait for my first wedding of the summer and am looking forward to it.

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