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Mavic Air Drone - A Nice Addition to my Wedding Videography Arsenal

A couple weeks ago, I purchased the DJI Mavic Air ( and after taken it out and used it almost every day since then, I know it is going to change the way I capture weddings and also lessen the gear I carry around! The Mavir Air is a foldable drone fits right into my camera bag along with its 3 extra batteries and the small remote controller. For quick shots, I can even fly right from my iPhone and not even use the controller at all.

Last summer, I used my DJI Phantom 4 at all my weddings but the only issue with it, is that it's large, loud, and needs a whole different case to bring it around. With the Mavic Air, it's less space, quieter, and will make me less noticeable when capturing the couple's special moments (something all couples love when writing reviews!). Most people don't want to feel like they are on a Hollywood set, but they still want cinematic visuals and the Mavic Air does just that. I'll definitely update my site once I have some wedding aerials to share with everyone but for now, check out a short sample below of some shots from the past 2 weeks.

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