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Maine Wedding Videography and How to Avoid Phones in your Pictures and Videos

You ever see those amazing wedding photographs that get ruined by someone stepping into the aisle to take a photo with their phone? Well, it happens on video too, BUT as a top Maine wedding videographer, I ALWAYS have 3 angles going during your ceremony so I know that if someone steps in the way of 1 camera, we will be clear on the other, but the best way to avoid phones up during your wedding ceremony, is to tell your guests yourself! You can write it on your invitations or have your officiant announce it before the ceremony begins. You can even have an "unplugged" ceremony sign that guests pass by on their way to their seats. We know everyone wants a photo or video to remember your wedding day, but that's why you hired your videography and photography professionals; to ensure you have beautiful imagery to remember your day that you can share with your guests and other family and friends.


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