• Nick Eaton

Julianna & Cody's French's Point Wedding

Julianna and Cody’s wedding was at the Retreat at French’s Point in Stockton Springs, ME. https://fpmaine.com

It seems as though someone finally beat Tom Brady at something! Julianna won Cody’s heart and got to marry him at this amazing Maine venue. My favorite parts of the day were:

-A passionate, honest speech by the father of the groom

-The most eskimo kisses I’ve seen in one day

-So many rival football team jokes (go Pats!)

-An amazing sunset over the ocean

Cody and Julianna make each other so happy, that much is clear. They both know how to let loose and have a great time – this is apparent in this video!

I wish Julianna and Cody all the happiness in the world. I had a great time filming at this amazing venue with this perfect couple!

Please check out their teaser video below if you want to smile!